Thirukkural - Parimelazhagar

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thirukkural - Parimelazhagar Urai

Thirukkural, a.k.a. Kural, is a Tamil classic and was written 2000+ years ago. It was written by Thiruvalluvar. This treatise consists of 1330 short aphorisms, with 1 3/4 lines each, in 133 chapters. It gives a commentary on three of the four common objectives of the humanrace, according to Vedic Way, namely: Dharma (Virtue - Aram), Artha (Wealth - Porul), Kama (Love - Inbam).

Thiruvalluvar left out the fourth objective, Moksha (Realization - Veedu), consciously, as it deals with in-explainable.

This blog is to capture my notes and thoughts on Thirukkural, mainly derived from Parimelazhagar's commentary.


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